NC Dinos Park Seok-min (38) is sweating in spring camp to play as the main third baseman.

Park Seok-min is preparing for the 2023 season by participating in the spring camp held at Reed Park Baseball Field in Tucson, Arizona, USA. Manager Kang In-kwon expressed his intention to give Park Seok-min a chance as the starting third baseman this season.

Park Seok-min, who recorded a batting average of 2.88 li (1520 hits in 5275 at-bats), 268 homers, 1033 RBIs, and an OPS of .899 in 1667 KBO league games, was one of the representative hitters in the KBO League. However, in July 2021, he was suspended for 122 games (72 KBO games + 50 NC games) for violating the Corona 19 quarantine rules, and last season, the discipline was over, but injuries and sluggishness overlapped, hitting 16 games with a batting average of 104.9 Lee ( 7 hits in 47 at-bats) and had 2 RBIs and an OPS of .489.

Park Seok-min, who has not been active for two years, saw his annual salary cut by 93% from 700 million won to 50 million won this season. Accordingly, Park Seok-min is preparing for the season with great pride. He has lost weight and is training faithfully at spring camp.

Coach Kang In-kwon said, “It is true that something bad happened and last year, I was injured after coming up to the first team, so it is true that the sense of the game is a little off. However, there is no big concern because he has been consistently playing in the Futures League. You are right to be concerned about injuries. Here, he tries to improve his condition as much as possible and put it into the game in line with the demonstration game. Park Seok-min seems to have prepared well for the winter, so I am looking at it more positively.” 바카라

It is still unclear if Park Seok-min will be able to fully recover his past prowess. However, coach Kang In-kwon decided that Park Seok-min needed a rebound in order to boost the team’s slugging power. NC has lost a lot of weight in the other line as leading hitters such as Na Seong-beom and Yang Eui-ji have moved to other teams over the past two years.

Director Kang In-kwon said, “Park Seok-min must have a different will because he went through a difficult process. He was also well prepared. There is a part where our team needs Park Seok-min’s power to increase his long hitting power. If Park Seok-min plays a little bit in the batting, our team’s power will be better than expected.”

If Park Seok-min hits a double-digit home run like before, the NC hitter’s slugging power can go up a notch. Attention is focusing on whether NC, which ranked 5th in team scoring last season (646), will be able to show better scoring power with the resurrection of Park Seok-min.

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