Senga Kodai (New York Mets), who was on a two-game winning streak starting with his major league debut, was unable to add a victory in his third appearance despite strong support from the other lineup.

On the 15th (hereinafter Korean time), Senga started in the 2023 major league away match against the Oakland Athletics held at Ring Central Coliseum in Oakland, California, USA. ) left a disappointing result.

In his last two appearances, the 5-year, $75 million (approximately 98 billion won) contract was well worth it. In a match against the Miami Marlins on the 3rd, Senga cheated out as many as 8 strikeouts in 5⅓ innings and gave up 1 run (1 earned), earning a starter in his major league debut. And on the 9th, he won 2 consecutive wins with 1 run (1 ERA) in 6 innings against Miami.카지노사이트

But is it because the rhythm is broken due to the long attack time? The pitch against Oakland on the 15th was not very good. Senga faced the Oakland line-up with a fast ball of up to 98.8 miles (approximately 159 km) and his main weapon, the ‘ghost fork’. The Mets batting line supported 12 runs before Senga went down the mound, but Senga couldn’t last 5 innings.

The start was good. Senga got off to a good start by catching Auckland’s top batting team, Tony Kemp, Ryan Noda, and Brent Rooker, in a three-way strike. The Mets batting line scored a whopping 6 points in the 2nd inning attack alone, lightening Senga’s shoulders. In the second inning, Senga walked lead batter Ramon Loriano and was hit by Conor Capel, putting him in danger on 1st and 3rd base, but striking out with an 83.8 mile (134.9 km) forkball with Shay Langellias as a winning shot. Recorded two scoreless innings in a row.

Senga’s first run was in the third inning. After giving up a walk to Noda in the third inning with no runners on second out, Senga succeeded in inducing a batted ball that was eaten by Rooker. However, at this time, Rooker’s batted ball was connected to a hit that fell exquisitely between the right fielder and the second baseman, and at this time, Noda, the runner on first base, dug into the home. Afterwards, Senga allowed Loriano to hit consecutively, putting him in danger, but he turned the follow-up hitter, Jace Peterson, into a looking strikeout.

After his first run, Senga continued to struggle. He caught leadoff hitter Aledimis Diaz on a shortstop grounder in the 4th inning, then got another hit by Capel. After that, the 78.8 mile (approximately 126.7 km) sweeper (lateral slider) thrown at Langellias became a high pitch in the middle of the strike zone and allowed a two-run home run that went over the left wall. Even after hitting a home run, Senga could hardly find stability, giving up walks.

The Mets batting line showed a ‘big inning’ that produced a whopping 6 points in the attack in the 5th inning following the 2nd inning. Could it be that the long wait for the attack poisoned Senga? He failed to accumulate 1 out count left to the win requirement. Senga quickly accumulated an out count by catching Loriano and Peterson in the bottom of the fifth. He hit a home run once again after being hit by a sweeper for the first pitch by Diaz, the follow-up hitter, and ended the day by giving up a walk to Capel.

For the Mets, Francisco Lindor set the record for the most RBIs in a single game by going 2-for-5 (1 home run) with 7 RBIs and 3 runs, while Starling Marte went 2-for-2 with 3 RBIs, 2 runs scored, 3 walks, and Brandon Nemo went 2-for-4, 2 hits. He had an early victory by swinging a bat with RBIs, 3 runs and 1 walk, but the mound scored every run from the 3rd to the 7th inning and played a difficult game. But it wasn’t enough to interfere with the wide gap. The Mets defeated Oakland 17-6 and won their second straight game.

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