“Director, please take a picture of the coach”

The Lotte Giants are running second in the league with a 15-9 win rate of 0.625 after playing 24 games this season. Lotte, who had a bad start at the beginning of the season, finished April with a solo first place, winning 8 consecutive victories from the KIA Tigers match on the 20th of last month to the Kiwoom Heroes on the 30th. Lotte’s solo first place was 3949 days after July 7, 2012.

The record did not stop there. Lotte ran a 9-game winning streak until the Gwangju KIA match on the 2nd of this month, which was only 5383 days after the Samsung Lions match on August 30, 2008. At that time, Lotte sprinted to 11 consecutive wins, the club’s highest winning streak. While losing 2-10 against KIA on the 3rd, he failed to achieve a 10-game winning streak, but it was clear that he caused a sensation worthy of being left in the history of the club.

In 2008, when Lotte won 11 consecutive wins and finished the regular season in 3rd place with a 65-61 win rate of 0.548, Busan was in a festive mood every day. Former manager Jerry Royster and the players who led Lotte at the time were so loved by the fans that they couldn’t even eat properly at the restaurant. It was a time when his every move became a hot topic, with requests for photos and autographs never ending.

Is current coach Larry Sutton feeling the same atmosphere as back then, with a record of 9 consecutive wins, the club’s second-highest record? Head coach Sutton nodded his head to the question, “Do you feel the popularity of good grades?” before resigning on the 5th and said, “Lotte fans in Busan as well as many fans across the country support and support the Lotte Giants. It’s a big boost.”

Although not up to the atmosphere of 2008, Lotte’s good performance is directly related to ‘box office success’. Lotte, who was running a 7-game winning streak, recorded the season’s “first” sellout in the match against Sajik Kiwoom on the 30th of last month. At that time, all 22,990 tickets were sold, and Lotte ran 8 consecutive victories in front of a full crowd. And although the game was not held due to rain, the game on the 5th was sold out as well. Fans who left the baseball field are returning to Sajik Stadium.

Director Sutton is also feeling the growing atmosphere. He said, “Many fans recognize me on the road or at restaurants, and young friends say ‘director, director’ and ask for a photo or autograph. And even if I don’t ask for these two things, they talk together and approach me in a familiar way. “Thank you so much,” he smiled, saying, “It’s a very pleasant atmosphere.”

Director Sutton’s storybook continued. The command tower said, “I live in an apartment near Sajik Stadium, and many boys live in the apartment. The kids ask me to play soccer or dodgeball with me. In particular, they ask, ‘When are you going to play dodgeball?'” He was good at dodgeball,” he chuckled.

At the reporter’s comment, “How about attracting children to baseball while playing dodgeball?”, the command tower trembled, saying, “I’m always watching,” and said, “What I want to emphasize is that we exist for the fans. And baseball for the fans. “If there are no fans, baseball players are worthless,” he stressed.

Last year, Lotte finished April in second place and rode a tremendous rise. However, his performance plummeted as he suffered a “sweep loss” in a 토토사이트 three-game series with the Samsung Lions right after Children’s Day, such as the number of corona 19 confirmed patients and injured people in May. However, Sutton explains that this year is different from last year. He said, “Last year is last year, this year is this year. Last year and this year, the entry was different, and the team color was slightly different. This year is stronger than last year.

The command tower said, “Unlike the past, this year’s depth has improved. It consists of a dynamic lineup and entry, from existing core players, FA players, and young and athletic prospects. This is the Lotte Giants, which is different from before. More What we need to go to a high place, the Korean Series, which we are aiming for, is a consistently high performance. It is important how consistently we can take it throughout the season. We will make further progress in the future, “he emphasized.

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