Lionel Messi wants to return to his parents even if he receives only 25% of the salary he received during his time at Barcelona.

Spain’s ‘Lelebo’ said on the 20th (Korean time), “Barcelona intends to make Messi a Barcelona player next season. Barcelona is waiting for approval of the financial plan to be submitted to the Spanish La Liga secretariat at the end of April. If the plan is approved, Messi ‘s comeback will be one step closer.”

“Messi will receive a total salary of 25 million euros (approximately 36.3 billion won). This means that he will be the highest paid player at Barcelona, ​​but it will be about a quarter of what he received before leaving Barcelona. only,” he added.토토사이트

When rumors of Messi’s return to Barcelona began to emerge, Barcelona were cautious. But now Barcelona are openly revealing their plans to bring back Messi. He is thinking of selling players and adjusting the salary system to bring in Messi by arranging the salary system. Barcelona are already in talks with the league secretariat.

Even so, Barcelona couldn’t fully afford Messi’s annual salary from Paris Saint-Germain (PSG). Currently, Messi’s annual salary is about 37.5 million euros (approximately 54.5 billion won), which exceeds the annual salary limit that Barcelona can give. Also, Barcelona are behind in the salaries of their players. Still, because he is Messi, Barcelona offered Messi the maximum within the limit that the club could afford.

It is known that Messi is also planning to accept it. Messi is only waiting for an official offer from Barcelona. ‘Lelebo’ said: “Messi is still waiting to receive a written offer from Barça. So far, Barcelona have not put in an official offer, which is the most important step. Barcelona will make a formal offer once they know exactly what the club’s salary cap is. that,” he explained.

However, Barcelona is planning to adjust the portrait rights contract to further increase Messi’s salary. This is to share the profits generated by Messi’s portrait rights with the players. Through bonus contracts such as portrait rights contracts, it is like preserving an annual salary that Messi will not be disappointed with.

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