Los Angeles Angels owner Art Moreno finally revealed his position regarding Ohtani’s long-term contract, which has been hotly discussed this offseason.

“I want to keep Ohtani close,” Moreno said in an exclusive interview with New York Post columnist John Heyman on the 9th (Korean time). “He is truly amazing, the most popular baseball player in the world and an international star. He is a pleasant friend and is kind and affectionate to his fans.”

This is the first time the owner of Moreno has publicly expressed his position regarding a long-term contract with Ohtani.

Ohtani will be eligible for free agency after this season. Ortini, who renewed his contract this year for $30 million, is expected to be highly likely to move ahead of the trade deadline this summer. If the Angels find it difficult to advance to the postseason, they will have no choice but to put Ohtani in the trade market to secure a large number of prospects. Leading media predict that even if he goes to the postseason, it is close to impossible to catch him in the free agent market after the season.

“I understand Ohtani wants to win. We have to win, and we have to do better on the ground,” Moreno said. “Ohtani fits well with our plan. Baseball is an entertainment business. do,” he explained.

However, Heyman said, ‘Even if Moreno’s hope is so, the outside world believes that the chances of the Angels tying Ohtani before becoming a free agent are slim.’ Other officials said it was close to impossible. It’s very difficult for the Angels to sign Ohtani to a record deal that will go down in history, but Moreno wants that deal to come through.”

“I want to say that the chances of signing are as good as other players,” Moreno said.

It is unknown whether the Angels have ever negotiated a contract extension with Ohtani, or if they are currently underway, but it seems clear that the two sides are communicating. Heyman said, “Moreno is not commenting on the exact circumstances of this part, and Ohtani’s agent, Nez Valero, did not respond to questions about it.”

The general observation is that when Ohtani became a free agent, the ransom was over $500 million. “From a financial standpoint, our payroll is in the top 10,” Moreno stressed. “It’s not impossible.”

However, it is difficult for the Angels to deal with the ‘money fight’ with the Los Angeles Dodgers, San Diego Padres, and New York Mets, who are certain to jump into the race to sign Ohtani. No matter how strong the will of the Angels is, there is no way if Mets owner Steve Cohen, for example, puts out a check.

Heyman said, ‘According to Angels officials, San Diego, which has collected superstars, is a strong competitor, and the Dodgers reduced their payroll by about $60 million in preparation for Ohtani. Objectively, Cohen, who bears a $380 million payroll this year, is the most powerful entity,’ he explained. 스포츠토토

“It’s true we could have traded Ohtani, but how can we get a Cy Young Award nominee and MVP player? Can we get that player in a trade? Impossible,” Moreno said last summer with the New York Yankees and San Diego. explained why he turned down the trade offer he received from

Heyman said: ‘Moreno clearly knows Ohtani’s value. The key is whether Ohtani is positive about staying with the Angels led by Moreno.”

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