Busan BNK caught Woori Bank in Asan. BNK, which is fighting for the second place in history, won a very valuable 1st win.

BNK played Hyeji Ahn (18 points, 10 assists), Sohee Lee (17 points), An Jin (13 points, 17 rebounds), Hanbyeol Kim (16 points) in the 2022-2023 Shinhan Bank SOL Women’s Professional Basketball regular league away game held at Asan Yi Sun-shin Gymnasium on the 22nd. Park Ji-hyun (14 points, 11 rebounds, 5 assists) defeated Woori Bank with a score of 72-60 thanks to his even performance.

With this victory, BNK rose to 15-12 and tied for third place with Shinhan Bank. 1 game difference with second placed Samsung Life Insurance.

▶First Half = Awakening of Kim Dan-bi and Ahn Hye-ji after skipping the first quarter

Woori Bank secured first place in the regular league. On the other hand, it was a must-win match for BNK. Samsung Life Insurance and Shinhan Bank are fighting for second place in history.

Woori Bank coach Seong-Woo Lee said, “Go A-ra is out of the regular season due to muscle damage. Na Yoon-jung can’t come out.” These two players are the core of Woori Bank’s rotation.

He said, “We cannot get involved in the ranking fight.

BNK’s top 5 all mobilized. Ahn Hye-ji, Lee So-hee, Kim Han-byeol, Han Um-ji, and Jin An came forward. For Woori Bank, Park Da-jeong was included in the starting lineup along with Park Hye-jin, Park Ji-hyun, Choi Yi-sam, and Kim Jong-un. Ace Kim Dan-bi waits on the bench for now.

BNK took the initiative. Ahn Hye-ji made a 3-point play with a sharp penetration under the goal. On the other hand, Woori Bank’s shooting efficiency was low except for Park Hye-jin’s mid jumper. 9-2, BNK’s lead.

Woori Bank could not solve the clue of the attack. However, a stalemate occurred in which BNK could not escape. At this time, Woori Bank’s mismatch attack, which was exceptionally powerful in the match against BNK, succeeded.

Park Ji-Hyun succeeded in a mismatch post-up against Ahn Hye-Ji. Then, BNK’s Ahn Hye-ji immediately exploded 3 stores. Recently, Ahn Hye-ji’s 3-point shooting sense is at the bottom. By the way, the surprise 3 stores were successful.

However, Woori Bank was not easy. Kim Jong-un’s breakthrough under the goal with a high probability, and Park Hye-jin’s signature play, an ultra-long-distance three-pointer, exploded. 14-9, 5-point lead.

Little by little, the pursuit of Woori Bank is intensifying. BNK called operation time. Lee Sam Choi was replaced by Noh Hyun Ji. BNK replaced Kim Han-byul with Kim Si-on.

The defense of both teams was very strong. There was no scoring for about 3 minutes. Woori Bank broke its silence. Park Hye-jin’s sharp break through the left was followed by a pass, and Kim Jong-un succeeded in 3 points. Then, Ahn Hye-ji responded by breaking through the bottom of the goal.

16-12, BNK had a refreshing start in the first quarter. However, Woori Bank’s ace Kim Dan-bi never played in the first quarter. BNK also seemed to care about Kim Han-byul as much as possible.

In the 2nd quarter, BNK came in with Park Kyung-lim and Kim Han-byeol. Ahn Hye-ji and Han Um-ji on the bench. Danbi Kim finally came to Woori Bank.

Lee So-hee is a neat mid jumper from the side. On the other hand, Woori Bank missed Kim Dan-bi’s 3 stores. In the next attack, Kim Dan-bi 3-point shot airball, but Choi Yi-sam evoked the atmosphere with his unique and accurate mid-jumper.

However, Woori Bank seldom found a way to attack. Noh Hyun-ji’s U-foul came out. Ahn Hye-jin scored one goal from a free throw. And BNK’s right of attack. However, it failed. So close.

Woori Bank has yet to operate full members. BNK destroyed the chance to widen the score difference. 19-14, 5-point lead. BNK’s uneasy lead.

Danbi Kim’s offensive rebound made the footback score pass through the rim. In other words, the situation where BNK could lead by 10 or so points turned into a close game with 3 points.

Woori Bank’s offense didn’t work out well, but as time went by, Choi Lee-sam blocked Ahn Hye-ji’s penetration under the goal with a block, showing solid defense. It was the biggest driving force to maintain the strongest without ups and downs this season. It was also the strength of Woori Bank this season.

BNK used a modified area defense unique to this season (2-3 area defense. Kim Han-byeol near the rim moves up to the free throw line to defend the bottom of the goal. A sudden double team on the wing). However, Kim Dan-bi’s bold entry pass and Choi Lee-sam’s mid-jumper scored a goal. Exquisite drive & kick by Park Ji-hyun’s fast transition. Park Da-jeong in the corner scored a 3-pointer. Chasing by 1 point. Park Ji-Hyun’s play was intense, completely driving the defense and giving Park Da-Jung a perfect open chance.

For BNK, Jin Ahn and Kim Hanbyeol alternately tried to attack under the goal. Woori Bank also had difficulty defending because it was not an ordinary post-up, but a post-up attack due to an entry pass after a 2-on-2 attack with the guard. However, the problem was that free throws did not hit properly. Jin An missed both. Then, Woori Bank’s Noh Hyun-ji retaliated with a mid-jumper, and eventually succeeded in reversing, 23-22.

At the moment of BNK crisis, Ahn Hye-ji succeeded in mid-jumper after receiving Kim Han-byul’s screen. The two points at this point were very important points in the flow for BNK. It was a goal that could change the flow again without being pushed by the pace of Woori Bank.

The first half ended with BNK leading 24-23. In the first half of Woori Bank, it seemed that they were doing their best to control the playing time of their main players. At the end of the second quarter, not only Noh Hyun-ji, Park Da-jeong, but also Lee Jae-won were put in. BNK was a half success. The best 5 was activated, but the lead was 1 point. It was somewhat disappointing, but it was BNK who took the lead. Ahn Hye-ji led the attack with 10 points.

▶Second half = Lee So-hee in the 3rd quarter, Kim Han-byeol in the 4th quarter and Jin An

early in the 3rd quarter were strategically very important. Woori Bank can be overturned at any time with stable power, but BNK had a chance of collapsing if momentum was lost. Jin An’s offensive rebound, Ahn Hye-ji broke through Park Hye-jin’s mark and made a mid jumper. On the other hand, the attack on Woori Bank took 24 seconds.

Woori Bank’s 3-point shooting success rate was only 18% in the first half. This is related to Danbi Kim’s playing time control. Danbi Kim, who has the best defense at the bottom of the goal. And for Woori Bank, triple ball handlers such as Park Hye-jin, Kim Dan-bi, and Park Ji-hyun create countless offensive options. The key here is Danbi Kim. In football, it acts as a ‘crack’ that tears the opponent’s defense apart. However, there was little time in the first half for all three players to be on the court at the same time. In other words, the attack efficiency is inevitably reduced.

Park Ji-Hyun fired an exquisite step back 3 points. Along with Park Ji-hyun’s personal ability, the scene shows Woori Bank’s offensive system on this day, which has no choice but to throw a tough 3-store.

BNK rushed. Lee So-hee’s mid jumper exploded, and Kim Han-byul’s hook shot went through the rim. 34-28, 6-point lead. However, Woori Bank pursued with a unique partial tactic. Hyejin Park’s mid jumper with a simple sideline pattern. And Park Ji-hyun made a free throw with a fast attack. In addition, Park Ji-hyun’s shot under the goal by Park Da-jung’s steal broke out.

Park Ji-hyun has recently undergone a significant change. Even at the beginning of the season, he played a role in the offensive system led by Kim Dan-bi and Park Hye-jin. However, recently, he has become more active in attack and the proportion of creating attack chances has increased.

The problem was the breath of Woori Bank. With Da-Jung Park and Hyun-Ji Noh being deployed at the same time, loopholes were created in the defense, and BNK did not miss any gaps. BNK’s lead of 5 to 7 points followed.

As for BNK, Kim Han-byeol joined in earnest, making the best 5 difficult. In the match, the defense was cohesive, and it became the strength of the counterattack. Lee So-hee’s 3-storey corner exploded, leading to a 10-point lead. A minute later, Lee So-hee fired another side-mid jumper. Lee So-hee is playing with stress fractures in her ankle and shin. Before the match, BNK coach Park Jeong-eun said, “I don’t think he will get completely better this season. Lee So-hee is showing fighting spirit while enduring pain.” 스포츠토토

In a situation where the fight for second place reached its peak, the match could not be played without Lee So-hee. Woori Bank said Park Hye-jin felt discomfort in her right knee area from the crash. When Park Hye-jin entered the bench, Woori Bank’s solid defense began to crack.

51-38, BNK’s lead by 13 points. End of the 3rd quarter.

In the 4th quarter, Danbi Kim came in. However, Park Hye-jin was still on the bench.

Woori Bank’s 3 corner stores and 2 rooms turned away from the rim. Ahn Hye-ji’s breakthrough to the left was successful. 53-38 by 15 points. Park Ji-Hyun succeeded in 3 stores, and this time Kim Han-Byul exploded 3 stores from the top. The gap never narrowed.

From the standpoint of Woori Bank, which confirmed the regular league championship, the cores have already set the playing time to between 20 and 30 minutes internally. In other words, it was not easy to run full power, and BNK was not easy. In addition, Woori Bank’s 3-point shot success rate was not very good that day. In addition, at the end of the 4th quarter, BNK Kim Han-byeol and Jin An took turns attacking the inside and outside. With Kim Jong-un on the bench, who played 20 minutes until the third quarter, Woori Bank’s defense under the goal felt quite burdened. In the end, Woori Bank could not narrow the score gap.

BNK fell one step behind in the strong fight for second place due to Kim Han-byeol’s absence and Lee So-hee’s injury. However, recently, Shinhan Bank and Woori Bank have been caught one after another, throwing the fight for second place into confusion. Although there are only three games left, BNK is still able to fight for second place because it is ahead in head-to-head matches against Shinhan Bank and Samsung Life Insurance.

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