Lee Jong-hyun scored 19 points, a season high.

Jeonju KCC met Ulsan Hyundai Mobis in the 2022-2023 SKT A-Dot professional basketball regular season game held at Jeonju Indoor Gymnasium on the 9th and lost 70-76.

Lee Jong-hyun (204cm, C), who has attracted a lot of attention since his college days, did not stand out in his professional career. Frequent injuries crippled him. I tried to get a chance at Goyang Carrot this season, but even that failed. As a result, he was traded to Jeonju KCC.

Lee Jong-hyun’s KCC debut opponent was against Changwon LG. He didn’t have a great performance, but he recorded 4 points and 3 rebounds in 15 minutes of play. It was a little bit of strength for the height of KCC, which was lacking.

In response, KCC coach Jeon Chang-jin said, “In our team, (Lee Jong-hyun) is guaranteed playing time. So he seems to be mentally prepared more. Today (Lee) Jonghyun will stop (Ham) Jihoon,” he said ahead of the match against Hyundai Mobis.

Lee Jong-hyun was put in 2 minutes and 58 seconds before the end of the first quarter. The score at the time was 8-16. A situation in which he conceded 10 points to the opponent only from the bottom of the goal. However, after Lee Jong-hyun was put in, KCC’s defense under the goal changed. He did not give up a point to his opponents for the remainder of the first quarter. It was the effect of Lee Jong-hyun’s input. In addition, Lee Jong-hyun led the team’s pursuit by raising offensive rebounds and scoring free throws. After Lee Jong-hyun was put in, KCC recorded 8-2.

Lee Jong-hyun’s performance continued in the second quarter. His presence in the goal was still there. Unlike the first quarter, he gave only two points to the opponent from under the goal. Lee Jong-hyun also played an active role in attack. He brought his teammates to life through the screen. He also delivered a pass that helped La Gunah score.

He also scored 9 points alone. He scored a post-up against Ham Ji-hoon (198cm, F). Afterwards, he scored consecutively from under the goal. He had a good basket count and a good mid-range jumper. Thanks to Lee Jong-hyun’s performance, KCC turned around.

During the 12 minutes and 58 seconds Lee Jong-hyun played, KCC allowed only 2 points from the bottom of the goal. This was also a fast-ball goal. However, Lee Jong-hyun allowed 10 points under the goal for 7 minutes and 2 seconds when he did not play. Lee Jong-hyun’s defensive influence under the goal was enormous.

However, Lee Jong-hyun’s performance did not continue. In the second half, he struggled with stamina. He was also the slowest in the backcourt and his presence on the defensive was low. As a result, the opponent was allowed to score under the goal and the score gap widened quickly. Accordingly, Kim Sang-gyu (201cm, F) came out in place of Lee Jong-hyun. However, Kim Sang-gyu was not very helpful in defending under the goal. As a result, he gave up 16 points only from the bottom of the goal in the third quarter and allowed the opponent to turn around.

In the 4th quarter, Lee Jong-hyun ran 8 minutes and 29 seconds, but there was no performance like the first half. He couldn’t control Jang Jae-seok (204cm, C). It was a disappointing performance compared to the first half.

Nevertheless, Lee Jong-hyun did his part well enough. Lee Seung-hyun (197cm, F) showed off his presence under the goal. He also scored 13 points. The field goal success rate was 83% (5/6). Thanks to Lee Jong-hyun’s performance, KCC grabbed 35 rebounds. It caught 3 more than Hyundai Mobis.

Regarding this performance, coach Jeon said, “From my point of view, (Lee) Jonghyun did quite well. Jonghyun played a big role in our winning the rebound against Hyundai Mobis. I think he will be better because he becomes a player who helps the team.” 카지노사이트

Even though it’s two games, Lee Jong-hyun is melting into the team. And he is solving KCC’s height problem bit by bit. The key is to keep doing this. Attention is focusing on whether Lee Jong-hyun, who joined KCC, will revive and solve the KCC height problem.

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