Coach Cesare Prandelli expressed his admiration for Napoli’s football.

Napoli is cruising. Currently, it is in first place in Italy’s Serie A, and it has taken care of its margin by widening the gap with Inter Milan in second place to 13 points. Napoli’s records for both the highest number of goals and the lowest number of goals conceded in the league, and the performance is also good, so fans have a ‘taste to see’. Domestic fans are also showing a lot of interest in Napoli’s move because of Kim Min-jae’s existence and performance.

In fact, Napoli is presenting football that viewers can enjoy. Fans usually cheer for games where a lot of goals are scored. Napoli have scored 51 points this season, and the only teams in Europe’s top five leagues to score more goals than Napoli are Manchester City, Bayern Munich and Paris Saint-Germain (PSG).

There isn’t much of a difference either. Manchester City has 53 goals, Munich 56 goals and PSG 54 goals. It hasn’t been able to do that so far, but Napoli is now standing shoulder to shoulder with teams competing for the top firepower each season. As you can see from the game in particular, Napoli have been more frequent in their matches this season. 바카라사이트

Praise continues for Napoli, which showcases outstanding performance and fun football. Praise for individual players, as well as people giving thumbs up to manager Luciano Spalletti’s leadership, are often seen. This time, it is praise for Napoli’s performance. This is what Prandelli, who has built his coaching career over 30 years, including a past coaching of the Italian national team, said.

‘Napoli Magazine’, an Italian media that deals with Naples news, highlighted what coach Prandelli said that Napoli’s football is beautiful. In an interview with Italy’s ‘Il Martino’, coach Prandelli said, “Napoli’s football is a masterpiece that coaches of other teams should watch and learn from. “I care more about the nature of the game. I can’t turn the channel when Napoli’s match is on TV. To me, Napoli’s football is more beautiful than Barcelona and Man City’s match,” he praised.

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